Your Startup Corner

Price Range - Starting at $15,000

Service Description

• One session up to 2 hours to discuss your business and answer any questions you might have concerning: founders’ agreement, entity selection, raising money, and other potential needs. • Drafting Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the website • Four additional hours to discuss any legal matters concerning your startup • Independent Contractor Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Assignment of Inventions, and Confidentiality Agreements. • Creation of Board of Directors • Procure an EIN number for your business • Registration with the state of New York as an employer • Formation of entity and assistance with publishing requirements if necessary. • Draft initial by-laws, stock issuance, initial board resolutions, creation of company record book. • Assistance with setting up statutorily required and other insurance (workers’ compensation, disability & unemployment insurance) for your business. • Secure authority to do business in the state of New York if necessary. • Draft advisory board agreement if applicable.