Prenuptial Agreements & Divorce

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Prenuptial Agreements

A recent American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers noted that there's been a 62% spike in people getting prenuptial agreements.  The same study found that a lot more women are requesting prenups. These agreements give you the opportunity to protect property that you have when you get married such as a business, a piece of real estate, as well as other assets.  In addition, many prenups give you the opportunity to protect any appreciation of those assets regardless whether the appreciation is due to market forces or due to your efforts.

Prenups also frequently define the terms of spousal support, commonly known as alimony, and referred to as maintenance in New York State.  If you do not set down terms of alimony in an agreement, then you will have to contend with the sometimes burdensome maintenance laws. 

I can draft a prenuptial agreement that protects your assets and meets all of your objectives in the event of a divorce. 

Prenups start at a flat rate of $1400.

Divorce Family Law

Divorce is often a highly emotional time for people. I am sensitive to the pain that might be associated with getting a divorce. I provide a wide range of support for divorce matters.  

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