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Contract Drafting and Reviewing

The average New Yorker might engage in various agreements on a daily basis. Some of those agreements might even be enforceable in a court of law if someone decides to bring an action. However, for important agreements with vendors, suppliers, other businesses, and individuals, it’s imperative to have an attorney that has drafted and negotiated hundreds of agreements and understands the various issues that must be considered to create a strong agreement. Individuals who use a generic online service or draft their own agreements might find themselves paying more down the road and feeling much less secure about the health of their company or the given transaction. Contracts are the lifeblood of any company and a poorly drafted agreement can sink a company or cause immense hardship on an individual.

Negotiating business agreements can be complex or fairly straightforward but always requires attention to detail. You might agree to offer letters or a term sheet, prior to drafting a formal agreement. These high-level agreements often serve as a starting point. You might agree to the price, time period for performance, type of goods, and/or services rendered. Then, it's necessary to draft a more formal agreement.

Attorney Steve Ekechuku takes a holistic approach when drafting and/or negotiating your agreement(s). Steve has been a licensed attorney for almost a decade and has served as a senior business development executive for five years. He brings that unique experience to bear on every engagement. Steve drafts contracts by first focusing on your business model, your specific objectives concerning the transaction, and how you wish to accomplish those objectives. From there, Mr. Ekechuku works to craft an agreement that meets your needs whilst focusing on issues concerning: liability, licensing, applicable laws and regulations, contract enforceability, intellectual property, and various other issues. ​

Steve can draft, review, and revise a wide array of agreements, including but not limited to:

-Partnership agreements
-Corporate formation
-Non-disclosure agreements
-Film, tv, books, magazines, digital agreements
-Software as a Service Agreements
-End-User License Agreements ("EULA")
-Shareholder Agreements
-Technology, data, software agreements
-Advertising, marketing, production, distribution agreements
-Sales Agreements
-Licensing Agreements
-Commercial Lease Agreements
-Executive Employment Agreements
-Service Agreements
-Data Privacy Agreements
-Various Other Business Agreements